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          Posted on Aug 07, 2007




Amanda Jane Stafford  !-

I heard via the wonderful article on Viceland Magazine on our wonderful not only Scottish but "Glasgow we did it!" culture. That she is now good friends with Lisa Christiansen at radio3cbc in Vancouver!!!! I hope you agree that my big sister aka Amanda Jane Stafford is an inspirational writer not shying away from the issues of her Celt routes. This is why I am asking you since she is also band name artist AMANDA SAINT on radio3cbc that if you are in the city of Toronto in a neighbourhood called Bloor West Village that you talk with the owner of the "The Dark Horse" a fine Black Irish establishment located on Bloor Street West near Jane street and ask why Mandie Jane can not longer have her guinness and malt vinegar and chips. When the fine barmaid Christine broke the news to her tears flowed from her eyes to her chubby red cheeks. Don't worry though she does not blame Christine she blames the city council but use your magic wand Ms Christiansen and see what the powers of the CBC can do because the reason given was vague to say the least!!!!

Yours Truly

Jill Elizabeth Stafford

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Posted on Sept 09, 2007

Hello All You Folks In Vice or Viceland!!!!

All I can say is this, if you read my sister Jill Angel Stafford's below blog you will understand the following opinion!!!! I broke up with my ex-boyfriend Christopher Andrew Tremblay, and I have been banned from quite a few pubs in my neighbourhood. Now I do not know exactly why, and since he is the only friend I have at present I really hope he is not the reason!!!!
You see I to understand break-ups are hard. When I kicked my boyfriend out in March 2007 he came back, and I greeted him in a bath towel outside because I did not want him back in the apartment!!!! He then responded by calling 911. Then he called my mother told her I was suicidal!!!! That landed me a stint after I'd say at 1 point 6 police officers showed up at my door at St. Joseph's Humberview C.A.R.E. unit where I got to hang out with corpses, shrinks and people who appreciated methadone!!!! In fact a few months later after another claim I was suicidal and abusive to my mummy!!!! I landed there again through no desire of my own!!!! In fact my mummy claims she never called the cops on June 3rd 2007 as she is not a weasel. In Glasgow weasels are not respected or admired!!!! That cost me 2 days of my life because the shrink did not like my attitude, and I did not like him because he had previously called me kinky, and was a passive aggressive geek from hell!!!!
Anyway thanks to everyone's fake concern I am broke and people think I am crazy when I am not. Oh B.T.W. on the 1st police visit the deal was my ex-boyfriend would get a trespassing order on him which he did!!!! Unfortunately since I got shafted by my former employer Air Miles Canada Inc, because I dared to quit and not take stress leave like other analysts in that department I was left with no source of income, and as he reminds me, no friends except him, not to mention no working computer to record my new project "Killer Instinct"!!!! I am now stuck with his visits and his positive aura that only bring out the worst in my psyche!!!! Therefore I do not believe you have ANY RIGHT TO GET ANYONE BANNED FROM ANY PUB!!!! IF THE TRUTH BE KNOWN WHY DON'T YOU FIND ANOTHER PUB!!!! FOR TO ME YOU SEEM VINDICTIVE AND SELF ABSORBED INDIVIDUAL WHO ONLY SEEKS REVENGE AND IT MAKES ME THINK YOU ARE THE ONE WITH THE PERSONALITY PROBLEM!!!!

Posted by: AMANDA SAINT akna Amanda Jane Stafford akna Mandie Jane Cowan akna Amanda Jane Cowan | 14/09/2007 at 05:08

Follow-up: The Dark Horse Pub persecution of the Irish is alive and well in the City of Toronto!!!!


Posted by Jill Angel Stafford on Sep 22, 2007

Follow-up: (Special Guest Blogger Mandie Jane Cowan!!!!)

Today I was at my neighbourhood Internet Cafe, (down the street from "The Dark Horse Pub"!!!!) I looked at the patio crowd, aswell as the menu and I was a bit horrified!!!! It was a yuppie love fest outside!!!! The menu did feature the 14 different types of draughts that people could enjoy, but the food was a bit foreign to me!!!! I mean why not feature Fish and Chips, or Stew, or Bangers and Mash? Pubs to me are a place to let loose, get smashed, and enjoy Celtic or British pub fare!!!! This fitness craze to me is stupid, when the purpose of a pub is alcohol consumption, and social interaction this truly perplexes me!!!!

Today I was at my neighbourhood internet cafe and I passed by The Dark Horse Pub. They now have a conditional pass from The Toronto Board of Health. Now I have eaten there and it is a clean establishment!!!! I wonder if politicians in the neighbourhood of Bloor West Village are taking bribes to replace good pubs everyone can attend, with Yuppie,Condo,Posh, places. They did the same thing to The Fan because a local politician lived behind it!!!!

Posted by: Mandie Jane Cowan | 22/09/2007 at 20:54

Bar her for being such a crybaby. Ohhh, booo hoo, you'll have to walk four blocks out of your way to shitface it up. Is there no justice? We're all, like, totes outraged for you, sweetie.

You got off easy. MY ex cybersquatted on "myname.com" and "allmybestfriend'snames.com" and set up a series of ugly, ugly hate websites using our fucking REAL NAMES.

bonus: "!!!!" = "twit with keyboard."

Posted by: Navy Bean (deleted link due to content) | 01/10/2007 at 21:56

Hey Navie Beannie Lad,

You link to a porno site, I link to a music website!!!! It's my creation and all. I think you have no appreciation of the fact I like the number 4 (!!!!) In fact I don't get the joke!!!!

Looking at Navy Beans website “Red Tube” I was quite revolted. I prefer good-looking people!!!! Do you want to know the difference between a pervert and someone who like’s to watch people making love. All I can say is there is more to a woman than just her orifices some might actually want to look at a pretty face or see people kissing each other first!!!! Anyway back to “Ban My Ex” and why you cannot assume because someone is conservative in dress and well spoken that they are not perverts or will not do nasty things to there ex-girlfriend!!!!

When I got out of St. Joseph’s Humberview C.A.R.E. unit I trusted my boyfriend Christopher Andrew Tremblay, but I decided to go underneath the bed and through his possessions that he did not take with him!!!! I should mention the police did give him time to get his stuff out as he had a trespassing order on him!!!! I found a couple of picture of “The Toronto Star” Sunshine girls one looked Celt and one looked Eastern European. I should mention both women were not as good-looking as I, or couple of the Eastern European Woman I know!!!!

Anyway my computer stopped working for many reasons which I don’t know so I broke down and bought a new one as I am a musician, writer, and I have a website that I have to rebuild now!!!! I bought the previous computer and my ex did not pay for the Internet or the computer. I trusted him and did not prevent him from using it!!!! He takes no responsibility for trashing it he blames me and my insanity!!!! Below is a list of websites my ex was on, he wrote them down on a piece of paper and hid it from me. Since Navy Bean`s site is from YTO area it is a tribute to probably a vile disgusting piece of shit like him or her!!!!


Note: Based on ex`s handwritng could be a few typos!!!!

Posted by: AMANDA SAINT akna Amanda Jane Stafford akna Mandie Jane Cowan akna Amanda Jane Cowan | 13/10/2007 at 19:50



9/2/2007 12:56:23 AM

Jill Angel Stafford (Guest Blogger Mandie Jane Cowan!!!!)

Hello All!!!!
I must admit looking at the above image it does not remind me in any way of a movie I use to act out in my room, because it actually made me cry!!!! It was made in 1969 and it starred Michael Sarandon and Jane Fonda. It was set in the depression error, and it was about a danceathon. So desparate poor souls would sign up in hopes of winning the prize for being the last couple standing. Like the "Grapes of Wrath" by John Steinbeck it does not have a happy ending!!!! The analogy of killing a horse if it breaks it`s leg, and is feeble can be felt throughout the movie!!!! In my mind I wonder if instead of a good classic movie they are not ripping off the Beatles 1967 movie "Yellow Submarine" as that is what it rings a bell of in my mind!!!!

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Jill Angel Stafford Needs to Know Why Big Sister Mandie Jane Cowan was removed from Lisa Christiansen`s Blog?

Posted on Sep 01, 2007

I to have a photographic memory. Pictures fascinate me, when I was a little girl I use to take pictures of Amanda first thing in the morning just to annoy her!!!! Anyway I do not know why "They Shoot Horse`s Don`t They?" would be offended by an observation and valid reference to a movie!!!! Afterall isn`t this an independant radio station?

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9/2/2007 12:58:58 AM

Jill Angel Stafford (Guest Blogger Mandie Jane Cowan!!!!)

Posted on Sep 01, 2007

Three Important Things You Should Know About Why I decided to record without Ken Kanwisher!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Five years ago I went to record a demo in YOW at my friends brother in-law`s place. I learned alot about the recording process. I learned about click trax, and how if you let someone, they can alter your sound!!!! It was a life altering experience!!!! On the way home I listened to the demo and I should tell you the title if you ever dig it up on the internet!!!! "Dimentions of Dimentia" Artist Title "Pagan Saint" by Amanda Stafford "June 2002" I should mention I did keep one track and kept it on the following link: http://radio3.cbc.ca/bands/Amanda-Saint
The following is my opinion of the 3 songs I recorded, and why I chose to do it on my own with a 4 track and a vision. I believe that is what Independant Music is all About!!!!
1) Sunshine-It reminded me of something that would be played on 104 Chum FM with hints of "The Travelling Wilbury`s"
2)Poor Poor Johnny-Ken did not like my guitar playing because he said it was off beat, and interfered with his click track and computer enhanced drums. The four four timing is amazing even my friend Elaine did not like the song.
3)Life Death and The American Dream-I liked this one it reminded me of the "Cowboy Junkies" and "The Trinity Sessions" I think it worked because I gave up on the notion on playing any instruments except my voice itself! I will give you a little insight into how you can record with Mr. Kanwisher and make it work. I played my accoustic guitar and sung the song, he wrote down the chord structure, then recorded my voice to a keyboard, and then I left it in his professional hands!!!! It was well worth the $850CAD I gave him!!!!

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Jill Angel Stafford Retort (Special Guest Blogger Mandie Jane Cowan!!!!)

Posted on Sep 01, 2007

Jill Angel Stafford Retort (Special Guest Blogger Mandie Jane Cowan!!!!)

@ John (Quick Witted Soul!!!!)
Posted at 7:28 PM
Is that about the Sessions that are on every Sunday (ie one artist the first half hour, another the next.. ie Champion/Telefuzz)?
posted by Silvorgold

I`m sorry I must be stupid being that I am an immigrant from Glasgow Scotland U.K. of Irish Descent. I never knew that this was to be interpreted litterary!!!! I being a creative person myself that has actually been made to feel inferior and incompetent in a recording environment, just wanted to empathize with the host!!!!


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Now Hear This: Grant Lawrence on Sounds Like Canada


Shallowness is a good thing!!!!

Posted on Aug 23, 2007

This sounds like a good show idea. In my life I have been abused by undesirable sorts just for being shallow. I am one who believes in being themselves. I think honestly is the best policy, and I would only utter my opinion to someone who I did not find attractive if : a) they made a pass at me b) asked my opnion of how they looked. I am not the type to insult someone`s appearance if unprovoked. Afterall beauty is in the eye of the beholder and looks challenged people need love to.

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Desolation Found: Grant Lawrence Checks In


Grant Lawrence How Is Dawson Creek?

Posted on Aug 16, 2007

I am scared of the Canadian wilderness I hate mosquitoes where I am from they call them midges and they do not hurt me the same way!!!! I also hate wasps!!!! I prefer rolling hills, green ample valleys, and beautiful locks and streams!!!! Heather even grows on the hillside and if your lucky you can catch a sheep grazing on the pasture!!!!

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Tekkie Desolation (Guest Blogger Mandie Jane Cowan!!!!)

Posted on Aug 29, 2007

I know the wilderness has it`s dreary days and desparation. I am a photographic minded person so when I really look at the image of Grant and the girls, I wonder is there any action on the canoe? I mean is it a low budget "Survivor"? I mean by the look on Grant`s face I think no way? Also they all seem like hippies to me. I have a fear of Hippies they are passive agressive in nature like Hard Core Lesbians, and Born Again Christians. I today battle another form of passive aggressive vermin that makes me feel like a lonely desolate loser!!!! It is the church of the Aspiring Hacker and to the right of me Middle aged Virtual Backgammon Queen!!!! Ofcourse it is the Internet Cafe I need my computer back. I only have a 4 track and I have mind blowing "Celtic Rock Tracks" to mix down and to foward to: http://radio3.cbc.ca/play/band/Amanda-Saint

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Posted by Jill Angel Stafford on Sep 02, 2007


I am shocked by the positive image that is represented in this article. I think fundamentalist doctrines of hate and cultures that keep woman under lock and key and view them as no more valuable than cattle should beware. As that is the reason I believe that this country has a feudal system of tribal warfare and menial existence and will not progress to the 21st century.

Posted by: Mandie Jane Cowan | 29/07/2007 at 07:33

Posted by: Mandie Jane Cowan | 29/07/2007 at 07:33

Have a nice day!

Posted by: Mandie Jane Cowan aka AMANDA SAINT | 29/07/2007 at 10:11

Posted by: Mandie Jane Cowan aka AMANDA SAINT | 29/07/2007 at 10:40


Posted by Jill Angel Stafford on Sep 02, 2007

Reviews Written by

Reviewer Rank: 229448
by Vicki McCarthy
Edition: Paperback
Price: £11.50
Availability: Usually dispatched within 7 to 12 days

  1 of 1 people found the following review helpful: Amanda J Stafford aka Mandie Jane Cowan aka AMANDA SAINT P.I.A A.I.P, 8 Jul 2007 Inertia is a heart felt solilqy featuring an acrhtypal character named Karen Love who wished to meet her long lost father after 30 years of separation and as the old saying goes "don`t ask what you might wish for you it might actually get it". The story is set in a 1st generation mainly Eastern European neighbourhood called Bloor West village located in the South Western part of Toronto Ontario Canada and the character is trapped at home for even though it is the most beautiful ritzy part of the city and, reminescent of her hometown in Glasgow Scotland. The main character Karen Love had recently lost her job and her passive aggressive boyfriend Paul netheir takes her out or gives her any true emotional support. So as anyone does who has hours to waste in her mind and no social stimulation she fantasizes about meeting her long lost dad Brian O`Reily. As fate would have it he writes her and she then for the 1st time in 30years meets not only her long lost father but her mysterious sister Heather O`Reily who is a child like suductress. As the story proceeds life turns from the mundane to the metaphysical with a climatical ending that leaves you guessing. I truly recommend it!

Our Love to Admire
Price: £8.98
Availability: In stock


4 of 19 people found the following review helpful: AMANDA SAINT Pagan World (demo) Copyright Infringement , 8 Jul 2007 I think this C.D. is brilliant it is awe inspiring and bring tears to my eyes from the sordid voice of languish on Please Don`t Bring Me Down to the Rythmn and Rhyme feels of Poor Poor Johnny it is antiquated and purely celtic in appeal. Sid Barret if he were still alive would be tripped out by this modern age prophet speaking of how love can turn ugly on Sunshine and the torment of a lonely child with a frantic hysterical mother sends chills down the spine in the Clash reminiscent song Mother. A tribute is also included to the Led Zepplinesh ballad in songs such as Life Death and the American Dream and Hey Hey Feeling Fine it is soulfully sung and purely representative of the anti love anthem. Not to mention other gems such as Here I`m Walking featuring a defiant heroesc figure against the world persona and the classic anti bank job song (dedicated to CIBC) Gotta Get Down. Ofcourse not to mention the straving artists mantra Just a Useless Song where the true heartfelt emotion resonds through this talented singers voice climaxing in a 7 minute power tribute to Southern Mississpi style blues guitar in Baby Really Love it When Your D.O.A which has a grove that will last in your head for hours. I totally recommend it as it will revolutionize the stale unltra conservative hum drum music market and give teenagers something to cheer about.

Editors Note: Due to not having access to my ACER Aspire Motherboard June 2006 Pentium 4 Computer: Here I`m Walking and Just a Useless Song (Preferred Arrangement!!!!) Will not be on the Pagan World Release!!!! Hey Hey Feeling Fine possible Bonus Track!!!!

Stayed Tuned for new CD Killer Instinct for these 2 new songs!!!!


MSN Question And Answer Amanda Jane Cowan


Posted by Jill Angel Stafford on Sep 02, 2007

Amanda Jane Cowan akna Amanda Saint

Just in case you all think I only think of myself (I know Jill my sis understands). Look how I care about my old friend Tatyana Nayel I mean I was banned from the MSN Q and A message board on such comments as: "I thought in Italian Mob culture you went through the little sister to get to the big sister, but I guess I was wrong!!!! Or commenting on how 007 Ian Flemming did not play the bagpipes because he was Scottish and wrote James Bond. Special note mummy met him and Rod Stewart in her younger days as she was a barmaid in Glasgow Scotland U.K.!!!! Anyway the message on the below URL address: http://qna.live.com/?FORM=QHRE&q=gay+escort I find offensive. I am sorry Tanya I need to know what`s going on in your life, as I AMANDA SAINT starving artist may have to face evil landlord, and LTB have a huge amount of debt on my Visa, and have to hit up my ex-boyfriend for $$$$. However to me this is immoral and I really need you to be honest with me. Let me know if you have a problem or perhaps come out the closet as even though you are my manager. I really care about your feelings and if you are ashamed to tell my that you prefer to date mature woman for money. I will listen and not blink an eye!!!! For as you once said to me "nothing shocks you!!!". This however with my Scottish, Irish, Celtic, breeding perfection, I would lose my temper even in the coolest of heads!!!!. I am also glad you have not blocked my emails, this way if you are honest I can move on. I am setting my age standards lower as long as they are nice, cool, and really good looking!!!! "OTHERS NEED NOT APPLY!!!!" Maybe you could foward me some suggestions Tanya as I also know you are not a jealous person like myself ar all!!!!



Editor`s Note: Due to tracy2rowe@yahoo.ca being a Web Based Browser this email address is out of commission!!!!


Pagan World CBC Radio 3!!!!
Stream for free!!!!
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Posted by Jill Angel Stafford on Sep 02, 2007


Amanda Saint 

I have to say I am revolted by this article as I am known for giving a good blow job here and there but to imply that as a sterotype for Russian men only is insulting!!!! As a proud Celt and Black Irish woman from Glasgow Scotland I am not ashamed to admit it, "We Get The Job Done!!!! You can ask around as it is my chubby little face they like to watch!!!!

Yours Truly,

Mandie Jane Cowan
Amanda J Stafford
Amanda Jane Stafford
Amanda Jane Cowan
AMANDA SAINT (The Real Deal!!!!)
CBCRadio3 "Stream For Free!!!!"
Pagan World!!!!
p.s. My manager Tanya should not be mad it is good to be honest about your past!!!!

Posted by: Mandie Jane Cowan | 08/08/2007 at 02:00

SXSW 2006 Reflections


Posted by Jill Angel Stafford on Sep 02, 2007

Fort Saskatchewan River 

I am scared of the Prairies it is eitheir very cold in the winter or very hot in the summer and the land is flat and barren. I love mountains, ocean, beautiful trees, or rolling hills and valleys. I once had this boyfriend who use to manage a Yuk Yuk`s when I was very very young!!!! Anyway we ran into this comic he asked him for some Hash and he told us a story about smoking some good Thai Stick in Saskatchewan and how he would swerve off the road, but it wasn`t scary because there was no trees or hills!!!!

Posted by: Mandie Jane Cowan | 24/08/2007 at 06:18

Note: I did not play SXSW but the landscape scares me!!!!



Posted by Jill Angel Stafford on Sep 02, 2007

GTA San Andreas PS2 Cover 

Today on Epicly Later'd, skater Chris Haslam takes us by his Los Angeles "studio" and shows us the elaborate indoor course he's built, replete with cut-out window jumps, potentially head-wrecking tunnels, and an overly steep starting ramp.  

If the truth be known I like skater gear it is very fashionable in my mind. However the act of skate boarding myself does not appeal to me!!!! Even in the video game world PS2 version (T.H.U.G.) I found it very disappointing. I mean the graphics were a joke and the missions were useless, not to mention the game play, I found the controls of the skaters themselves useless. I personally long for the best damn franchise in the video game community G.T.A. You can use the cheats and not worry about the missions (after you hit San Francisco) and get never wanted drive to Las Vegas gamble, visit the strip clubs and ofcourse my favourite amusement AK47 the Las Vegas Police Department. My suggestion to Rock Star Scotland is maybe the next installment should have actual nudity at the strip clubs, more graphic violence, and be set in Toronto Canada. It could be based on a poor wee Glaswegian Lassie named AMANDA SAINT (The Real Deal!!!!) You could even have satellite offices all over the world because we have so many immigrants!!!! Working title G.T.A. Glaswegian Style!!!!
Yours Truly,
Amanda Jane Stafford
Amanda Jane Cowan
AMANDA SAINT (The Real Deal!!!!)


Posted by: Mandie Jane Cowan | 24/08/2007 at 05:18

CBC Radio 3/Bend Sinister Tour BLASTS Off!

I Like The Song "MR. PHARMACIST" By The Fall CD "Bend Sinister" (Guest Blogger Mandie Jane Cowan!!!)


Posted by Jill Angel Stafford on Sep 17, 2007

Wikipedia Bend_Sinister 

Reading this blog brings back memories!!!!I Like The Song "MR. PHARMACIST" by "The Fall" CD "Bend Sinister" !!!! I am aware that I myself have not heard of this band, but I know that me as a music lover on the edge (akna AMANDA SAINT "Pagan World"), likes music that inspires emotion, and stirs a memory of childhood and parties!!!!

Other songs that invoke teenage drug use I can remember are:

Classic Rock Songs!!!!

1)"Drugs In My Pocket" by "The Monks"

2)"Cocaine" by "Eric Clapton"

3)"Cold Turkey" by "John Lennon"

4) "Sister Morphine" by "The Rollings Stones"

5) "Life in the Fast Lane" by "The Eagles"

6) "I am the Walrus" by "The Beatles"

7) "Lust for Life" by "The Stooges"

8) "Heroin" by the" Velvet Underground"


9) "Pump It Up" by "Elvis Costello!!!!"

On The Alternative Side !!!!

1) "Heart Shaped Box" by "Nirvana"

2)"Vaseline" by "The Stone Temple Pilots"

3) "Sex and Drugs and Rock in Roll "by "Explioted"

4) "Cracked Actor" by "David Bowie"

5)"Institutionalized" by "Suicidal Tendencies"

6)"Mirage" by "Siouxsie and the Banshees"

7) "To Drunk to F--ck" by "The Dead Kennedy`s

8)"Black Hole Sun" by "Soundgarden"

In addition who could forget a cult party classic of all classics!!!!

9) "New Kind of Kick" by "The Cramps"

Now I should note that to me "Heroin Chic" is a bust!!!! The reality is if anything, drugs like Cocaine and Heroin are "Dead End"!!!! If the truth be known if you are "artistic" in my opinion you do not want to be lethargic "heroin", or overly hyper and suffering from delusions of grandeur "cocaine!!!!

As a special note I have added a new song to my R-3 page:


To me it is about a co-dependant relationship.

However "Art is open to Interpretation", so make your own memory and leave the censors out of it!!!!

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I actually own "Reefer Madness" I don't buy into propaganda!!!! I live in Toronto Canada, and I know it's like a summary offence for possession under 24grams. So I cannie understand why if I'm just smoking a joint it would not be a waste of time and paper work for the arresting officer!!!! In fact I am going to smoke a joint now, as I have admitted to 11th Division I enjoy smoking hash and pot!!!!

Posted by: AMANDA SAINT akna Amanda Jane Stafford akna Mandie Jane Cowan akna Amanda Jane Cowan | 08/10/2007 at 04:43


Posted by: AMANDA SAINT akna Amanda Jane Stafford akna Mandie Jane Cowan akna Amanda Jane Cowan | 08/10/2007 at 04:43



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Amanda Saint Verses Nerds.jpg


I actually landed myself a job in a department called Program Developement!!!! I was actually really good at it, I even probably saved the company tons of money as I was good at problem solving and knew Sabre like the back of my hand!!!! I do not know what to say, accept after my review by Senior Analyst Martin Chinappean who did wear "Geek Chick" well. Even on casual Friday`s he managed to pull off the look. The twitching eye when he spoke he would not promote me past a "Back Up" because he talked to me like I was slow or something. Instead I got "Supervisor Calls routed to my line when I had to answer the phones. Daily one on one meetings and yet the projects the Senior Analysts took credit for were successes. One day I just walked, one of the commenters is right it would be nice if you could take a shot at them!!!! I actually play guitar and sing, so this guy is not my "cup of tea"!!!! I kept my "Performance Review" as a souvenir below is a excerpt from my favourite part!!!! This man is a motivator if I ever met one!!!!
"Amanda has struggled with promoting a friendly climate. Her attitude was quite reserved and negative. She needs to maintain composure and a positive attitude and effectively communicate when dealing with stressful situations. She also needs to identitfy and effectively work with shifting priorities and support PD, if and when project timelines require he assistance beyond her normal shift.
Amanda`s loan exception will be further extended until June 30th, 2007. During this time period, her performance, interaction with the team and attitude will be measured to gauge her process."
I should mention as a special note as an experiment I chose not to give my expertise to one of the female analysts who always took credit for my work, I was not even hired to assist her !!!! All I can say is I felt like a sucker being payed like a customer service representative!!!!

Posted by: Amanda Jane Stafford akna Mandie Jane Cowan akna AMANDA SAINT (The Real Deal!!!!) | 09/11/2007 at 16:05

Substitute Blog Due To Mitzi`s Sister Absence

Posted by Jill Angel Stafford at 9:26 PM

Amanda Saint Pagan World Sunlight Good-,!


Special Note: I was going to play at Mitzi`s Tonite but I have a Cold so unfortunately you get this instead!!!!

Amanda Saint On Why I Don't Like Hippies!!!!

 If you have ever read my Blogs I know I come off as a hateful individual at times. Sometimes I actually cannot believe what I've written myself.  To me however as an artist I find it therapeutic as being a broke musician is not all what it's cracked up to be!!!! Anyway with thoughts of Ghandi and Passive Resistance on my mind, let's look at why Amanda Saint does not like Hippies!!!!

  • 1) Group Sex and Nudity: I have seen the movie Woodstock several times although never sober. Peace and love is O.K. but on L.S.D. no wonder there was a lot of people having "Bad Trips". Personal Note never take Ecstasy Love is Not Free!!!!
  • 2) Communes: I have lived with my friends it does not work. The idea sharing is nice but from experience not in our nature!!!! Smiles and gardening would only make me puke, would make good compost I guess!!!!
  • 3) Deodorant: Need I say more!!!! I would never go on Survivor for that reason!!!!
  • 4) Peace and Love as a Mantra: The whole deluded thought of peace and love curing all the world's ills!!!! Remember Kent State or how Ghandi's life ended.
  • 5) Peace Rallies: I went to a Nuclear Disarmament March once for something to do. I think my friend had weed. So when you're a teenager and you live in the suburbs roaming downtown fried is cheap entertainment!!!!
  • 6) Wearing Flowers In Your Hair: My mummy put dead flowers in books to dry them out!!!!
  • 7) No bras!!!! I tried because I was pissed at 2 women that said I didn't need one!!!! Trust me I need one and grandma without a bra is not cool!!!!
  • 8) Nudist Colonies: You always see the ones you don't want to!!!!
  • 9) Conversation: My parents liked Free and Deep Purple, yeah why don't they castrate rapists?
  • 10) Passive Resistance: So many times in life you have to eat it!!!! When you actually have the opportunity to dish it, only sunshine and euphoria fills the heart!!!!

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